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Watermelon Kids Nail Wraps

Watermelon Kids Nail Wraps

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It doesn't get any cuter than this! So Gloss Mini's are sized for girls ages 3-12.

Each package of So Gloss Mini's come with 34 wraps that can cover up to 68 nails!

So Gloss nail wraps are heat activated with your hair dryer and applied directly on to your nail, you get instant results. Just heat, stick & file.

Say good bye to chipping & smudging. So Gloss nail wraps are made of vinyl, so they don't chip or smudge like nail polish. The best part? NO DRY TIME!

To remove, simply reheat with your hair dryer and peel off. No chemicals are needed.

Every order comes with 1 free nail file & an illustrated how to guide. Additional nail files/guides are available. If you are buying multiple gifts for different people, please purchase additional files for each recipient.

Made & Designed in N.Y.